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Native Ground Media is passionate about creating engaging content for your online marketing goals. Whether you want to showcase a new product or grow your audience, having content that performs is key. The game of advertising has changed. Social media and brand stories have replaced former print and television broadcast platforms. Now, consumers have a choice to see or not see your advertisements. If you want consumers to follow your company, you need to give them value. We help brands tell their story, learn their audience and support their growth. Native Ground Media’s focus is to design stories that your consumers find emotionally connecting, allowing them to feel and not just see your brand beyond the products you sell.

Our mission is to achieve recognizable growth for our clients by supporting their brand initiatives and using visual assets and storytelling to connect emotionally with their audience.

Our Story

Native Ground started as a business promotion website in San Diego, California in 2011. Tired of reading negative reviews from high maintenance yelpers within his city, writer and photographer, Brady Ferdig, set out to provide honest reviews for local restaurants in his neighborhood. These reviews brought in new customers who had previously judged a business by their stars on Yelp and gave businesses a second chance to please returning customers. Helping others succeed has always been a core value with Native Ground.

Over the last 8 years, audiences have exponentially consumed more information in a visual way. With so much content being swiped through, the attention span for viewers has dropped significantly. Viewers take 3-5 seconds to decide wether they will continue watching a video; it takes them 1 second to identify with a photo. Following this curve of media consumption, Native Ground has grown to provide consumer-driven media assets in the form of video production and photography, under the name Native Ground Media. By understanding what a business stands for and the products or services it provides, we can craft a story to support the growth of that business in today’s socially demanding market.

Native Ground Media is also enthusiastic about shorts and features. In between projects for clients, our team enjoys writing, shooting and cutting stories for film festivals. Our goal is to bring attention San Diego’s thriving film community and share resources for growth, south of Los Angeles.

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